Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good News, Everyone!

Now is the time to do the Almost Through My Commissions Dance. As much as I totally love making customs and all the amazing and weird character requests I get, I haven't had a chance to make what I want to make in MONTHS. I'll be taking a break from customs until early November to prepare for selling at NC Comicon and to get my Etsy shop stocked for the holidays! Keep an eye out for lots of new characters, some old favorites, and other fun things.

Until then, bask in the amazingness that is Futurama plush.

Bender, as was to be expected, was a pain in the BUTT! I think I went through five versions before I was happy with how he looked. Version four was great except for being about 3" too tall, which I didn't realize until I was most of the way done and set him down next to Fry. Argh.

I am so pleased with how little Zoidberg turned out, especially the little sandals and face tentacles. Who knew face tentacles could be so cute? Making him used up the last of this peachy colored fleece though, so I'm on the hunt for more.

Of course you can't have Futurama without little Fry. I love his ridiculous hair. Now I'm going to go try not to think of the episode with Fry's doggie Seymour and .... oh crap now I have to go cry. (The end of the Wikipedia article has links to articles about real dogs who for years for their dead masters. Wikipedia what did I ever do to you?)

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