Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Way Things Were

So I'm glomping days 7 through 9 together for two reasons. The first is that I am kind of behind because I suck at blogging. The second is that they all have something in common, which is that each outfit features a thrfited and altered skirt.
Because I have a rather small waist and what I will affectionately refer to as "birthin' hips", it is an absolute pain to find bottoms. I pretty predominately wear skirts because they are much easier to fit, alter, and when I try them on at the thrift store this is less potential for flashing and therefore less creepy dudes pretending they are deeply interested in the rack of blouses behind me. (My favorite thrift store lacks dressing rooms, which means trying things on under skirts in the aisle. Let no one say I lack class.) These were all skirts that I loved but didn't exactly fit. However, for $2 I am willing to make things fit.

Monday, November 22, 2010


“If a man knew anything, he would sit in a corner and be modest; but he is such an ignorant peacock, that he goes bustling up and down, and hits on extraordinary discoveries.”

So most people wouldn't classify a thrifted muumuu with a giant peacock as an extraordinary discovery, but man do I love this dress. This isn't actually the original peacock dress, Mr. Peacock was cut from him faded and fraying original home and put on a Target dress. (Alert: thrift stores are a great place to find things to applique!) Once I wear this dress to death, he will probably get moved again if he can manage it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Five and a Tutorial

Day five and it's the first time wearing this recently thrifted skirt. I love the color!

I also love my scarf. Here, look closer and be amazed.

I got the fabric at Cottage Quilts on a trip to Fresno to visit my mom. I love the retro inspired print and it is complemented nicely by the pale blue pompom trim. Feel like making your own?

You need:
- About a 1/2 yard each of a cotton print and a cotton flannel (45" wide)
- Thread
- Scissors -or- a rotary cutter
- Yard stick
- Marking tool
- Optional: About a 1/2 yard of trim

- Measure and cut two 9" strips from each fabric.
- Sew the two strips of cotton print and the two strips of flannel together along one short side, making a long strip of each fabric.
- Fold the fabric in half along the seam and measure out 36". Mark and cut so you will have a 72" strip of each fabric.
- Press the seams open.
- Put your strips good sides together and iron. (I found this helpful since it makes sure that both pieces are flat and the heat also makes the two pieces of fabric cling to each other a bit.) Pin and sew. If you are doing trim on the ends sew along both long sides with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving the last few inches unsewn as well as about a 2" gap for turning. If you're not bothering with trim, just sew all around, again leaving a 2" gap for turning.
- If you're doing trim: Pull back the top piece of fabric on each end. Line the trim up with the edge of the bottom piece of fabric. Lay the top piece back in place, pin and sew along the sides and ends.

- Snip the corners of the scarf off (little diagonal cut) close to the stitching line. (This keeps there from being too much bulk in the corners and they will look nicer when right side out.) Turn the scarf right side out through the gap you left. Use a chopstick or something similiar to poke the corners out.
- Press the scarf with a hot iron for nice, crisp edges.
- Topstitch about 1/4" from the edge all around.

P.S. If you want the trim along the long edges, you will need about 4 yards. Put it in between your fabric strips when you sew the sides.

I'd love to see if anybody makes one!

Up a Three, Four the Fun of It

Wednesday I got to escape from my work polos for an extra day due to a class. However, I had to take the rapid transit home and it was really hard not to ride the two extra stops to the thrift store. Like, REALLY hard.
I've been thrift shopping for as long as I can remember. Nearly every Saturday my parents and I would go downtown to our favorite thrift store. My mom and I would call over the aisles to each other, treasures in hand. My dad would wander off to a dusty corner to thumb through books or find embarrassing pants. (He had a penchant for Zoomba-esque pants for much of my childhood.) Saturday morning is just "thrifting time" in my brain.
Speaking of thrifting, both these skirts are thrifted finds.

I frequently have to alter skirts because of my pear shape. The plaid skirt got totally overhauled, it was mid-calf length with a stretched out elastic waistband. It was like the icky sweatpants of skirts, but there was potential that icky sweatpants generally lack. I took off about 8" from the bottom and used the extra fabric to make a more fitted waistband. Much better, right?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One in the Hand, Two in the Bag

So day 1 and 2 of 30 are past and I have to say I'm kind of excited so far. I'm sure by day 28 I'll be complaining and having thrift store withdrawals, but for now I'm having fun thinking of different combinations. Although it's limiting to only have 30 items, it also kind of makes it easier to create combinations when pulling from a more limited pool. I am a bit irritated with the work polos, because I think there's a lot more potential without having to have those 5 polo shirts in there for 19 days (yes I figured it). Thank goodness for a nice, long Thanksgiving weekend giving me two extra days of no polos.

I included this thrifted skirt before I had done the alterations it needed so I'm glad it turned out alright. I based this outfit around these awesome floral tights I found at Target.

Today I wore my skirt scarf and my dress as a skirt. (Maybe I'll wear my shoes on my head next!) I decided I needed a grey belt when I was picking out my outfit, so I whipped this one up last night. 

Also, have this just because it tickles me. And it's important to be clean and neat, especially when wearing the same clothes for a month.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes I Am a Genius

I can't believe it took me this long to think of this, actually. I've mentioned that I frequently have to hem up skirts I get at the thrift store. Because everyone else is too tall and not because I am kind of short. Anyway, I got this adorable skirt over the weekend that was perfect except for being about a foot too long. The solution to what I could do with the extra fabric just popped into my head.

The bottom hem leaves on side already finished. All I have to do is press and sew a small hem on the cut edge.

I am entirely too satisfied with myself.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30 or How I Learned to Stop Shopping and Love the Remix

What is 30 for 30? Well the rules are easy, pick 30 items and remix them for 30 days. Accessories and coats are free, and I will be taking full advantage as well as posting tutorials for different accessories throughout the month. (Check out the fabric belt tutorial to start.) The second part is no shopping for the entirety of the 30 days, and that is a big part of why I decided to participate.

So why not just stop shopping for a month? I think the addition of being limited to only 30 items will make me really appreciate what I do have, as well push me to make new combinations and more creative. In a month, my whole closet will be new again and I'll have fresh eyes to look for new outfits. Also, I really like shopping and have no will power.

With that, on to my 30 items:

7 skirts

11 shirts (including 5 stupid work polos)

5 cardigans
1 blazer
1 denim jacket

2 dresses
(You know the peacock dress was going to be in there.)

3 pairs of shoes

Interested in joining? Truck on over to Kendi Everyday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trust Him, He's From the Future

What's that, Skeets? Jennifer finally got around to updating her Handmade Stuffs Etsy shop! Well I can think of a few people on my Christmas list who would love a custom plush!

(There will be more this weekend too!)