Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Up a Three, Four the Fun of It

Wednesday I got to escape from my work polos for an extra day due to a class. However, I had to take the rapid transit home and it was really hard not to ride the two extra stops to the thrift store. Like, REALLY hard.
I've been thrift shopping for as long as I can remember. Nearly every Saturday my parents and I would go downtown to our favorite thrift store. My mom and I would call over the aisles to each other, treasures in hand. My dad would wander off to a dusty corner to thumb through books or find embarrassing pants. (He had a penchant for Zoomba-esque pants for much of my childhood.) Saturday morning is just "thrifting time" in my brain.
Speaking of thrifting, both these skirts are thrifted finds.

I frequently have to alter skirts because of my pear shape. The plaid skirt got totally overhauled, it was mid-calf length with a stretched out elastic waistband. It was like the icky sweatpants of skirts, but there was potential that icky sweatpants generally lack. I took off about 8" from the bottom and used the extra fabric to make a more fitted waistband. Much better, right?

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  1. Hi, fellow remixer here. Thrifting is my Saturday habit too and I have been going through withdrawals! BTW, I love your green skirt. I'm convinced that brilliant kelly green will be the next hot color. And those pom poms, I hadn't thought about that trim in years.

    Best of luck with the remaining challenge.