Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

I've been very busy making the next batch of dolls for the wonderful folks at Southern Fried Comics. Rorschach, Etrigan, and Ambush Bug made their retail debut on the website and a new batch is on the way for the store opening early next month. This set is comprised of:

Squirrel Girl, flying in to save the day and steal your acorns. This is the first female character I've made multiples of. Her hair was a kind of a new process, but I think it turned out well. She's based on the original design.
A Skrull, in all it's grumpy glory. The giant pointy ears are my favorite and now I want to make Yodas. (Just kidding George Lucas, please don't sue me.)

Ted Kord (minus head wound) Blue Beetle. Of course plans for his good buddy Booster Gold are in the works.

I've also been playing around with a photo set up, as people will probably be more inclined to buy my dolls if they can actually tell what they look like. I already had some clamp lamps with the "natural light" bulbs. Luckily (this once) my boyfriend orders lots of toys, so I stole a big box to use as my backdrop. Just remove the top and one side, drape with fabric, and clamp on lamps. Background changes are easy and the lighting is totally adjustable. Also it's cheap, which never hurts.