If you've bought something from me or just want to leave a note feel free to leave a comment!

"My fiance finally gave me my custom Zarana doll. I think he was keeping her because of her epic awesomeness. She's much happier with me anyway! She's so super fabulous and accurate to the figure. The only exception to this is the doll's face. The Hasbro GI Joe Zarana, both figures, eh well, she's not so cute. But my HS doll is so incredibly adorable! Jennifer managed to stay true to the original figure AND make Zarana cute. If you see her stuff at a Con snatch it up!"

"I don't usually hate stuffed dolls, but I hate these stuffed dolls. I hated the Hellboy so much, I got it for a friend who I really hate . Then some one commissioned a Kit Fisto which was the next stuff I was going to get because I really hate Kit Fisto and Star Wars. Finally I got a zombie, because I hate zombies, and every other character that I hated was already sold out. Later, when I saw the Kit Fisto posted on the internet, I couldn't believe how much I would have hated to have that."

"Thank you So Much for my "Blue Devil". He is the Crown Jewel of my comic room.
You do Amazing Work....the details. Thank you...Again. We will be order another. And will showing and telling all my friends about you. "
"As Cobra Commander marched through the aisles of HeroesCon 2011, ever planning his ultimate conquest, he stopped cold just beyond Jennifer's booth. Slowly he turned and looked back. There among the many fascinating creations of this talented artist, he saw a perfect little Cobra Trooper, actually three of them! Alongside Destro and the many other characters, the little Cobra Trooper sat proud a...nd gazed back at the Commander. At that point, the Commander knew that he had found the perfect Trooper...
I discovered Jennifer's work this year. Her creations are amazing, and in my Cobra Commander guise, I was particularly fond of her Troopers. So, I bought one then and there. It's nicely made with good details, and clearly shows her high quality craftsmanship. Her work is great, and she's a super nice person. I highly recommend her creations!! Thank you Jennifer!"

"Ordered my wife a custom made "Death of the Endless" doll for her birthday this year. The craftsmanship is great, the character instantly recognizable and charming, the accessories and attention to detail second to none. Will definitely be buying again."

"We have 2 dolls from Handmade Stuffs. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are so much more than you would expect. Love them, and plan to get many more."

"Jennifer made me a custom Yoda and it was amazing. Even better than ones I had gotten in stores. The quality and craftsmanship is great and I was a very happy customer. She also has done other custom Yoda things for me and all were fantastic. Five Stars all the way. You won't be disappointed with her work!"

"boyfriend commissioned a custom joe strummer from jennifer for a christmas present a few years ago and it's amazing :] complete with sunglasses, jacket, pants, boots and guitar. if there has ever existed another stuffed joe strummer, i don't know of it, and surely it's no comparison to mine. love!"

"I have a Demon and Slimer from Ghostbusters from Jennifer. For a brief time I had her one and only Starro. (Starro now lives with DC Comics Geoff Johns and his fiancé.) I plan on adding more to my collection whenever possible. They look fantastic, and I can tell you they stand up to pretty rugged play from my 7 year-old son and 1 year old daughter. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. "

"I own Jennifer's handcrafted takes on the Blue Beetle and Jack Kirby's Demon. They satisfy both my inner comics geek and my love of beautifully designed arts and crafts. Order now before she starts charging what these excellent work is really worth!"

"My plush arrived today safe and sound looking exactly like the pictures! Thanks for taking the time to make him perfect. He's a gift and I know he'll be well loved. I hope I can do business with you again in the future. Thanks again!"

"My plush looks exactly like I wanted and was made and shipped very quickly. I love it!"

"I cannot believe how perfect and adorable this plush is. I will definitely be making requests here in the future for custom plushes. The plush is awesome and hanging out in my living room at the moment. Thank you!"

"I absolutely LOVE the skeletor plush I ordered from HandmadeStuffs. She also made a small customization to the plush. He is lovely and even came wrapped in a cute cloth pillow case with a bow. I am very happy!"


  1. After my fiancé (now husband) got me a Zarana plush I returned the favor and ordered him a custom plush of a Ninja Viper from GI Joe. It turned out great! He had all of the accessories that come with the original action figure and the color, a light teal-ish color, was dead on. My husband loved it! I also got him a Hellboy plush for Christmas and it too was perfect.

  2. I received my Donatello Ninja Turtle plush for my last birthday and dig it. It now sits proudly on my computer desk with bo staff in hand. Now I just need the rest of his brothers to complete the set!

  3. I had Jen create a custom VINcent robot(from 'The Black Hole') as a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday last year. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless and he kept marveling at the details, and had to show it off to EVERYONE. :) For a character that she'd never tackled before, she knocked it out of the park!

  4. I have two of Jennifer's plushes: a Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold (with Skeets!) from DC Comics. Both of them are FABULOUSLY well-made and some of the proudest acquisitions in my comic-book themed collection. I hope to order some customs from her soon! :D

  5. I 've purchased a lot of things off of Etsy from many talented artists, but I have to say that the plush toys from Jennifer have been a special treat.

    The finished character you'll receive is in my opinion the closest you could get to getting an original muppet in the mail from Jim Henson. Her interpretations of familiar characters are uniquely adorable, and the quality is fantastic. I want to grab as many of her creations as I can get before she becomes too popular for me to afford.

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