Friday, June 24, 2011

You're My Hero

Preparing for HeroesCon and subsequently recovering from it kept me super busy, but it was completely worth it!

I've gone to HeroesCon for several years; it was actually my first "official" date with Bats. (We also met on a Star Wars forum. Oh yeah, super sexy.) I always have a great time spending money on toys and tee shirts, seeing friends, and generally geeking out. The last two years I've brought a doll with me during the day, and actually gotten a few custom orders from it. After the all the positive response both online and off I took the leap and bought an artist table for this year.

The Handmade Stuffs table

I've never been a vendor at anything this well attended and never sold at a comic convention period. In the month and a half preceding Heroes, I spent the most of my free time lately basically chained to my sewing machine. I made sixty dolls in a just over month. Yeah, SIXTY. That doesn't include thirty little plush skulls and twelve Huttlets. I had nightmares about drowning in stuffing and had to climb over dolls to get to my sewing table.

Behold the majesty of the Tower of Plush
I lucked out with a fairly good spot and a wonderful neighbor. Cassie Hart's adorable art was a great compliment, although it was really hard to not continually run over there every time I made a sale. I did trade a zombie for an awesome owl pillow. My favorite zombie too, just so you can understand how cool she is. Go visit her website and buy things. Now! (Well finish reading this, then you can go.)

Super lady

Bats was largely in charge of character selection, so the dolls I brought had a definite 70's and 80's tilt. I had some He-Mans (He-Men?) and Skeletors, Lion-O from Thundercats, Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, and cuddly little Mr. T's. I also had some little Cobra Troopers and Destro from G.I.Joe.

Which lead to probably my favorite picture for the whole weekend, Cobra Commander with his wee minion.

This makes me happy forever
I donated one of my little Lion-O's to the charity auction held on the first night of the convention. He went for a $100 and apparently was a big hit, yay! Lion-O hung out at the top of plush tower most of the weekend, holding his teeny sword aloft.

Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats! Ho!

Skeletor was probably the most popular for the weekend. What's not to love about a muscely blue guy with a skull head? I've made Skeletor before, but this time I had some little plush He-Men so they could have epic battles.

Sup guys?
One He-Man sold by himself, but luckily the rest went home with a Skeletor friend to play with.

I don't have many pictures of the actual convention as I was stuck at my table most of the time. (I'm hesitant to leave my very gruff boyfriend behind a pile of cute dollies for too long.) I still had a metric ton of fun talking to people passing by and watching people's faces light up when they saw the dolls. I was even able to overlook the eight hundred times a day I heard "It's a trap!" in references to the Admiral Ackbar dolls and "I pity the fool!" in reference to the Mr. T's. Comic conventions are looking like a whole new market for me and I'm really excited about the potential.

Now back to working on the twenty plus custom orders I have to do...