Monday, May 7, 2012

A Good Weekend

So I had a really fun and nerdy weekend. For starters Friday, May 4th, was Star Wars Day. This is an excellent holiday because not only can we celebrate our Star Wars love, but it involved a bad pun. (May the Fourth be with you!) So I had to weird my coworkers out with my nerd pride.

These pendant necklaces are easy and so addictive, so I made a Bossk and a Jedi necklace to wear. I love Bossk and his incredibly obnoxious and mildly creepy speaking mannerisms. The Hello Boba Fett necklace is from HelloWars on Etsy. (And I should not have gone over there to get the link because I just saw that they have BUTTONS and now I want them.)

I also made myself a galaxy far far away skirt. I've been obsessing over galaxy print things but they're so expensive right now. But I'm crafty so I will make my own galaxy print things, so there. This awesome multi-colored print was a lucky find and is prefectly galaxy looking after being splattered and smudged with metallic gold fabric paint. (I think it needs some glow-in-the-dark paint too.) I made an easy circle skirt and attached a Millenium Falcon from a bedsheet set.

I liked my skirt so much I decided to wear it for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

Yeah, I have a Star Wars skirt and a stuffed Hellboy and I'm standing in front of the Carolina Ghostbusters Ecto-1. Jealous? We stopped by Rebel Base and Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte. I got to talk to a couple people who had seen my stuff at the last HeroesCon, which was awesome. I am so ready for it to be convention time!

Our weekend was rounded out by, of course, going to see Avengers.

I hope everyone else had a fun and geektastic weekend! Handmade Stuffs SMASH!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Nerdy Magpie

I may have discovered a new addiction. Saturday, April 28th, was International Charm Day. To celebrate, the April Make Out with Crown Town Handmade was an assortment of different charms to make and take.

We made charms from shrink plastic, resin-style ones with coin charms and diamond glaze, and clusters of pretty beads to dangle. So fun! Of course I got home and had to think up my own fun project to do. I decided to finally work on something I'd be kicking around for awhile: decopouged wooden pendants.

Yes, obviously they're nerdy. Between sales at my local comic shops and attending conventions, I have a sizeable stack of comics that I got for between ten and twenty five cents each. Perfect for chopping up for craft projects. (Don't hate me!) These little pendants are so easy and so fun to make! I'm going to try and do a little how-to video this weekend to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. I'll also be posting a few additional options here.
I also made some non-nerdy ones from an old science book I found while thrifting. Something like this might make a good gift for another important May holiday, Mother's Day. Add a few clusters of beads dangling from the top and a nice chain and you're all set. It's something I think even kids could make, maybe with a pictures of themselves or a small drawing they made just for Mom.