Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?

Making Adventure Time plush for other people was super fun (see PB and Lady here and Finn and Jake here). But you know what was even more fun? Making a Marceline for me to keep!

As much as I sew, I rarely get to make things for myself.  Most of what I make is custom orders or for sale at conventions or on my Etsy shop. (Speaking of conventions, I'll be at NC Comicon in November, come see me!) I love sewing for other people and it's a good thing I don't keep everything I make because I would be buried in dolls, but I've been so busy lately and now I'm gearing up for a plush-a-thon in preparation for NC Comicon and the holidays. With all that, I decided to recharge  a littly by making something just for myself.

I used the same pattern I drafted for Princess Bubblegum to make Marceline, as well as modifying the dress pattern. I'm really happy with how the jointed necks are working out, so I may be making more characters in this size eventually. Other than the neck modification, which Marceline especially needed to show off her bites, the body is pretty similiar to the body I use for the regular female plush. She stands about 25" tall, most of the height coming from her legs.
I made the clothing removable so I can make her more outfits in the future. One of the little things I like about Adventure Time is that they do bother to make different outfits for the characters. (Finn, being a 13 year old boy, probably does just wear the same clothes all the time.) Her outfit from Henchmen is top of the list if I can find the right fabric for her tights.

She's very cuddly for a vampire queen, but don't tell anybody.


  1. How can I get one?? =)

  2. This is so awesome! I love your blog <3 (I love crafting, too - like Game Boy gloves!!)

    I've added you to my Google reader!


  3. Wow, this came out great. The guitar is adorable and I love her expression and red boots. I crochet toys and can totally relate to never ending up making anything for yourself but you picked an awesome toy for a keeper.

  4. This is amazing! Very nice work, exceptionally great craftsmanship! I wish I could get one.

  5. Thanks Kevin! I do custom work if you're interested. I won't be taking any new orders until early November, but feel free to contact me.

  6. I love your adventure time dolls!!!!!!! :)
    I also sew and was wondering how did you get the neck so perfect? LOve your work! :p

  7. hello my best friend's daughter is a hhhhhuuuuggggggeeee Marceline fan. she is only 2 1/2 years old but she loves adventure time ...and especially Marceline. Please let me know if you could make one of these for her? and how much it would cost. Thank you


  8. you are really talented. awesome job.

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