Friday, September 9, 2011

Totally Mathmatical!

Plush Finn and Jake can't just go galavanting about the land of Ooo all alone, right?

Duh, they have to have PB and Lady Rainicorn to rescue from the Ice King and his terrible fanfiction and explain the difference between Xanoids and Plantoids. Ya ding dong.

Since PB is a princess, she has to rock out in her sweet crown.

She also has two little dresses, in case she wants to mix it up a little.

When she has important royal business to attend to, so can ride off on Lady Rainicorn. Who is huge. I'm serious, check this out.

I think she ended up being a little over 60" long. I really didn't intend to make her that hugely long and it took forever to sew all those strips of fleece together. Despite that, I totally want to make another one. Princess Bubblegum is about 25" tall, so a little taller than the plush Finn. She's the first plush I've done with an actual neck that's jointed, and it turned out pretty well.

So far, these have been customs and I'm only able to enjoy them for a short time. These were so fun to make I need to make some for myself. I think I'm going to have to carve out the time to make myself a plush Marceline the Vampire Queen. Is there a cuter idea than a little plush axe bass?


  1. Why are you such a beautiful lady? I want to purchase a princess bubble gum one so bad so she can hold court with my disney princess figurines in a Toy Story esque fashion while questioning the impact High School Musical has had on modern broadcasting today. Beautiful. So beautiful.

  2. I'm a huge fan of adventure time and I love these handmade plushies.Have you see the Fionna and Cake episodes? Cause it would be really cool for you to
    make Fionna and Cake plushies.
    a viewer of your blog,

  3. Ta da!

  4. You should make a Flame princess doll :)