Friday, January 21, 2011

September I Will Ride a Crocodile

More nerdy plush were made in September. What were you expecting? Beach Head found a loving home. I will miss his teeny gun and grenades. Who knew weapons could be so cute!

There were more skirts to be made in September as well.

Toward the end of September, it was back to California for another visit with my mom. We hung around in Petaluma again and had a blast. We went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Fransisco. Yes, I voluntarily and gleefully will go to museums on my vacation. This was much to Bat's chagrin when we went to New York and I spent several hours scampering around the Museum on Natural History while he followed me and sat on benches. Anyway, the Academy of Sciences isn't really big but it has some amazing stuff. Like the giant indoor rainforest...

...and the living roof.

Also an albino alligator that kept us occupied for about 15 minutes with debating if he was real or not. Apparently his name is Cluade, he was not very mobile.

Afterwards, we went outside to wander in Golden Gate Park and enjoy the lovely weather and botanicals.

We also attended The Great Handcar Regatta, another activity I would certainly recommend. We watches the handcar races, enjoys the outdoor musc, and perused the vendors and shops along the way.

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