Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January It's So Nice

January marked the beginning of my (almost) daily outfit posts. It started with a pink scarf, a green sweater, and some thrifted boots. ($6 boots! I have to brag.)

January also saw the birth of the love of my life, my peacock dress. I'm seriously considering sewing this thing to my wedding dress. Mr. Peacock still resided on the original peacock dress, an house dress I snagged for $2.50 at the thrift store and altered to fit.

Speaking of thrifting, I also found the mushroom shaped cooking jar with mushrooms on it and also a handle made of mushrooms. If you couldn't tell, this thing tickles me to death.

I also made the Spaceman Spiffy necklace, something I will get more use out of once it's warm enough to forego scarves.

January was also when I posted the fabric belt tutorial. I have since made approximately a million of them. They're so easy, seriously, go make one right now!

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