Saturday, January 15, 2011

June I Saw a Charming Group

Despite the disgustingly awful weather, June is one one of my favorite months. I celebrated my third anniversary with Bats with our customary trip to HeroesCon. (Have I mentioned that was our first official date? Terrible.)

I made a cute little Slimer for my buddy, Tom Feister, which resulted in much excitement.

I also made a Hellboy for Mike Mignola, which resulted in slightly less squeeling but was still received well.

I bought the most awesome shoes ever and managed not to kill myself walking in them.

I tried to stay cute without dying of heat stroke.

I wished my mom a happy birthday and thought of my dad on what would have been his birthday.

I attended my first Crown Town Handmade Make Out Session, where I had an insane amount of fun and met some awesome gals.

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