Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wee Little Gnomes

Not sure why I felt the need to sew several families of teeny little gnomes, but here they are. These are rather easy to make. The head is just a circle of felt, gathered into a yo yo and stuffed. I traced the base of a spool of thread for the circle. I make french knots for the eyes before attaching the body to the head. The body is just a strip of felt, about 3/4" wide 3" long and tightly rolled and then stitched at the end. A tiny cone makes the hat and scraps of felt for the beard and belt. You can also make a tiny flower by cutting petals into a sequin. Embroidery scissors are quite handy for making the tiny cuts. These little guys are very quick and very cute. I think next I'm going to make them a tiny forest to live in, maybe a little hedgehog to ride about and mushrooms to live under.

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