Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Things

One good thing about not updating for a long time, it means I have a lot to post once I do.

I finished the aprons I was making. These were pretty much done, just some finishing touches.

I got 5 more completed. These are super easy and don't take more than a half yard on any of the pieces. The font and back are just fat quarter szed pieces with the tops two corners slightly tapered and the bottom two corners rounded. I make the ruffle by cutting two 5" by 45" strips, sewing them together and folding them in half along the width. I sew this with a basting stitch and high tension so the machine ruffles it for me. Then I just sandwich it, along with the straps, between the front and back pieces when I sew. Easy peasy. I think I have 11 of these to sell.

Bats and Kitty dolls.

These are an original pattern. It's super easy to make and I'm planning on scanning and upoading the patterns as soon as I can. They're about 19" and 16". (I was actually sticking to patterns, rather than fudging as I went along to make sure I had accurate patterns.) So far they only have undies and pants, craft fair stuff had to take precedence over them. My doll is my first real attempt at yarn hair and I think it turned out fairly well after some playing. I just made bundles of thirty pieces and tied them in the middle, then stitched the center bit and the bottom layer to the head. Quite easy.

Applique pillows. So far I have owls, caterpillars, and octopi. There are spiders and monsters still waiting for backgrounds.

These are all 18" square shams. The appliques are made with paper backed fusible web and then stitched on to a background piece.

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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if I could have the pattern for the Bats and Kitty dolls. They would be perfect for my soon to be born neice and nephew .... I have been looking for a doll pattern, and these look amazing.

    ooohh how could i forget to tell you ... I 'lust' for that hairy chest ... hes hot!!