Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Tone It Down"

I've been freaking out a little trying to get things ready for Craft Attack. This is my first craft fair and I really want everything to go well, so I've been finishing up some things and making some new things to try and have a good selection of items and prices. I think I'm ok, I have items ranging from $1.50 to probably $35 (still have to price some totes eek). I was showing off my pillow covers and he mentioned that I should think about toning it down to appeal to a larger audience.
While I would love it 85% of people would want to buy my stuff, I don't think that's ever going to happen. Everything has an audience. People will pay $50 for a grilled cheese sandwich with a religious figure on it. People will pay good money for a purse with a little vagoo on it. Some people like to make little plush mufflers with faces. And that's ok, that's awesome! Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes and what makes one person gag may make someone else stupidly happy. That's what I want. I don't care how much I sell, I want to make things that make me happy and that makes whoever buys it happy. You can go out to the store and buy a tote bag with your favorite sport team or a pillow with a teddy bear on it, where can you get a little sushi pin or a sushi monster or a stuffed zombie? From me, and THAT is why I make things. To have a little bit of me in the form or fabric or beads or clay. For the community. To see what little bits of themselves other people make.

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