Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nerdsday: In Your Dreams

Thursdays are now going to be Nerdsdays! I'm going to showcase  nerdy or geeky and probably crafty things that makes my dorky heart fill with glee.

I figured I'd start of Nerdsdays with a secret wish that I hold deep in my heart. The wish to own nerdy black velvet paintings.

Observe the beauty and majesty that is Inigo Montoya on black velvet. Also, all these other awesome pop culture icons on black velvet. I've been a little obsessed with black velvet paintings since probably 10 years ago, when I saw a wonderfully rendered painting of Jesus embracing a semi-truck hanging in a deteriorating mall. If it isn't obvious, I have incredibly questionable taste. While I love the ridiculous kitsch factor, I just couldn't bring myself to devote money and valuable wall space to trucker Jesus. These painting are a whole other story. The nerdiness, the talent, the hilariousness.

Bruce White is the man behind VelvetGeek. If you have some extra money you should go give it him. Not even in exchange for a painting necessarily, just because he's neat. It looks like painting run around $250, which I think is totally reasonable for joy on velvet. While I save up for this, I have to go think really hard about who I want immortalized on black velvet. Ha ha, who am I even kidding?

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