Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nifty Thrifty - Son of the Thrift

If you're looking for home decor besides sheets and curtains, thrift stores are also lousy with assorted tableware and kitchenware.  Look no farther than the thrift store for a cheap way to get a lovely table setting or add some kitschy charm to the kitchen. I love the look of mismatched place settings using plates that are similar in color or tone.

Check out these gorgeous thrifted vintage table settings at Once Wed and Edyta Photography. There are also some lovely vintage tableware at this post on Want.

Here are some cute finds I've gotten at the local thrift shop.

You can turn sweet china cups like this into equally adorable pincushions. Measure the diamater of the cup and cut a cirlce of fabric with a diameter twice as long. (So if you're cup measures 4 inches across, cut an 8 inch wide circle of fabric. Run a gathering stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull to gather. Stuff firmly before pulling the thread as tight as possible and tying off. Glue in place with hot glue or fabric glue and trim in desired.

You can also combine plates, cups, and other tableware to make lovely tiered serving trays or cake stands. Use it as the centerpiece of the table covered with candies, baked treats, or flowers. I've also used it as a way to store jewelry that is pretty and easily accessible.

I used three dishes and two cups to make this, but you can use any combination you like. Use one cup or short candlestick with a pretty plate for a cake stand, or use two plates and one cup for a shorter tiered display. To do, first decide how you would like your items arranged. Once you have a set up you like, wash and dry the plates throroughly. Try to avoid touching the plates or cups where they will be glued to avoid getting any oils from your fingers on them. Use a strong waterproof glue like E-6000 to attach them. Apply it to the edges of the cups, making sure to apply a generous amount to avoid any gaps between the plate and cup where water could seep in. View from multiple angles or measure from the edge of the plate to the cup to ensure that the cup is centered. Use a cotton swab to wipe away any excess glue. Once you have it all assembled, place a heavy book on top and leave it to set until the glue is cured.

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