Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something Different

Just kidding, it's more plush! I'm having nightmares about stuffing again. I'm still working on commissions from Heroes Con. Isn't that crazy? The answer is yes.
Anyway, I've gotten a lot of the simpler characters out of the way and I'm starting to work on dolls that require some pattern drafting. Does anyone else have a skill that some days you feel like the DaVinci of whatever and some days it seems like somebody snuck in at night and stole the part of your brain that knows how to do that thing? That could totally happen, I'm an insanely heavy sleeper. That's me and pattern drafting. Sometimes I draw something and sew it together and stuff it and it's like "Hi, I look exactly how you wanted! You should go have some ice cream for being so cool!" Sometimes I sew something and stuff it and immediately unstuff it and hide it under the table and pretend that it never happened.

V.I.N.CENT from Disney's The Black Hole started as a hide under the table kind of project. The little round body base and feet weren't too bad, just some sizing issues. Those little arm things were terrible! I might have made my boyfriend come help and then been kind of mean about it because I was grumpy about the terribleness. Luckily I got it in the end and he turned out really cute and his recipient was super happy and danced around a little. That's what matters.

Choopie from the The Perhapanauts was a totally different story. I think I did his head twice to get the size I wanted. Other than that, the tweaked patterns for his arms and legs worked perfectly. Aw, and he has a little wings and bright green nipples. Adorbs. For some reason I love putting little nipples on dolls.

I'm almost done with the dolls for Stitch Wars Strikes Back at Bear and Bird Boutique. I'll get some pictures and gush about them. Excited!

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  1. You're awesome! I dunno who that Choopie is for but he is sweet!