Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Long, Long Time Ago...

Star Wars is probably my longest running nerd love. I used to watch the all day marathons of the Original Trilogy with my dad during the holidays. For a long time I had no idea what order things went in as I would wander in and out. I have the attention span of a goldfish. An easily distracted goldfish who likes shiny string. I did always love it though, and even more so when I actually sat down and watched the movies through. I even met my boyfriend on a Star Wars forum.

So of course I had to bring some cuddly friends from a galaxy far away to Hereos Con with me.

They want to hug you or eat your face, they haven't decided yet
These little Hutts were a last minute addition and sold very well. At about a foot tall they're a great way to use up smaller scraps of  browns, greens, and greys. I love their nubby little arms!

It's not a trap, it's a doll!
Guess how many times I heard, "It's a trap!" over Heroes Con weekend. A MILLION that's how many. Apparently this is a nerd reflex. Tap your knee in the right spot and your leg will switch, when you're in danger you have a flight or fight response, see Admiral Ackbar in any form and you must yell "It's a trap!" Seriously, I had a lot of fun making this little guy. The bulging eyes are extra cute and mouth looks vaguely like a moustache. Some of them were SeƱor Ackbar.

The Star Wars love continued after the convention as well with several custom orders.

I made a Boba Fett a long, long time ago as part of a Secret Santa exchange on a forum. I think this little guy turned out very well for my second attempt at everyone's favorite bounty hunter.

My backpack's got jets
There was some love for the Jedi too. I was also commissioned to make this cuddly Kit Fisto, which I had to wrestle away from my boyfriend to get in the mail. This was one of those ones that was incredibly hard to put in a box and send away, and I am definitely making more of him.

These are all going to be good practice for my first ever gallery show! I was invited to participate in Bear and Bird's second Stitch Wars gallery show and of course jumped at the chance. It was amazing to see all the talented people involved in and the beautiful artwork that was part of the first Stitch Wars show. I'm so excited to be part of the second show! I'll be posting progress pictures and updates as I get my submissions finished over the next few weeks.


  1. I can't help it - I think that Kit Fisto is just the cutest thing! Happy sewing as you prepare for your show!