Monday, July 6, 2009

Here They Come To Save The Day

I've been busy making some comic character plushes. Atomic Skull is in the works, I just need to finish off his flames. I finished two Ambush Bugs that were hanging out in my unfinished project basket.

They each got some cute little shorts to protect their modesty. The one on the right has chenille stems in his antennae, so they stand up and can be posed. They're both going on my Etsy shop later this week, along with Copperhead and Baby Rorschach. MODOK is also on Ebay until Sunday (July 12).

This little Ambush Bug already has a home.


  1. woot for the mega postings! i love all of your new projects- but these plushes and the memes are my faves. i was wondering when tub girl was going to get a stitched meme! love your work! keep it up!

  2. Thanks! At least when I don't update for a month I make up for it. :)