Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talk Nerdy to Me

I have to say, as someone who identfies as a huge nerd, I do find translating that into crafts to be both amusing and satisfying. I love reference humor and I'm sort of internet junkie (I know that is shocking news). While I'm more of a fabric and crafts nerd than your classic comic books and sci-fi kind of nerd, where I fall short my geeky boyfriend is more than happy to give me ideas and inspiration. (Have I mentioned he has an entire room full of toys? No seriously, an entire room.) I've also gotten some great requests and ideas from people on the internet. For example:

What an adorably grumpy death machine. While I'm more of a DC than a Marvel girl, I couldn't resist a request I got for this little fellow. The shape was a bit of a challenge, but I'm liking him. He even has a little open engine/exhaust port/whatever that is where his butt is supposed to be. Plus his giant head and tiny little appendages make me giggle. I'll miss you MODOK. :(

I've also been playing a bit with the Watchmen embroidery patterns. I have them all colored and will be selling prints in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested.

There are teasers for all the others on my Flickr page.

And speaking of the Watchmen embroidery, I have to share this awesome project by Allison. I think Rorschach holds the honor of being her very first embroidery project, wow! If anyone else has done anything with these I'd love to see it, please comment.


  1. I almost forgot about that giant headed guy. I remember him now from the X-Men cartoon, way back when. (I'm also more of a DC girl.) I love all of your felt comic characters!

    I was about to post a comment that said something like, "A room full of toys? that's nothing, my whole apartment is full of toys." Then I clicked on the link. Now that I gathered my jaw back to my face, I thought I'd express my appreciation for that outstanding collection.

  2. He he, thanks. I'll pass that along to him.