Sunday, May 3, 2009

Man Gifts - 2 of 3

Friday I posted lots of tutorials for things to wear.

Today is: Useful Things

* Everyone needs stuff to carry their stuff. How about a personalized messanger bag? I made one for Bats for carrying toys when we go to the comic convention (see above). You can also try a duffel bag. If he’s a nerd, try this Domo-Kun backpack, or use the tutorial as a jumping off point.

*How about more stuff to hold stuff? Thereare a ton of tutorials on how to make fabric boxes. These could even double as wrapping for other presents instead of paper. (How eco savvy.)

* Got a gamer? Make a case or cozy for his mp3 player or portable gaming system. Craftster user Rosered posted a pattern for this DS Lite case shaped like an old school gaming controller

*If he’s a photographer, how about a personalized camera strap slipcover?

*The nature lover might like a little terrarium for those times when he’s stuck indoors. Terrariums are cheap, can be made in pretty much any clear container, and there’s always the option of putting ridiculous plastic toys in it for giggles.

* If he’s often sore, a hot/cold therapy pack would make a thoughtful gift. Along with back rubs, who doesn’t love back rubs?

* A manly apron might be great for a guy who enjoys crafting or cooking. I made one for my dad to use while leatherworking. Just research what types of tools are used and add pockets and loops accordingly. These tutorials provide good jumping off points. Consider using vinyl or canvas for something more durable and easy to clean. Personalize it by lining it with a cotton print or adding a patch.

* If he likes to keep his ideas and thoughts recorded, what about a journal? (If he’s the engineering sort, make sure to include graph paper!) The Long Thread and The Small Object both have lovely journal making tutorials. If you’re not into bookmaking, personalize a ready made journal. Border’s Books sells plain fabric journals for less than $10 and they are perfect to color with regular color pencils.

The final installment is next.

Edit: Links should be operational now.

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