Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things to Make this Month

1. If I can get Bats to help me, I want to get my duct tape dressform made. My old one just wasn't worth the trouble to move it cross-country and I've been without one. It's very handy to have and I got the supplies for less than $10. (Much better than the $100-150 for a manufactured one that isn't exact to me.)

2. Asssuming that gets done, I have two shirts I got at the thrift shop that need some tweaking.

3. Make some freaking sleep shorts. I have this weird thing about sleeping in pants. Unless it's super cold my legs just got too hot (although the rest of me will be freezing). Generally I resort to being a boxer thief, but I figure I can use up some of my cute cottons for a few pairs.

4. Get my scraps and fat quarters sorted so I can do some patchwork.

5. With the help of lovely testers, get my pattern to the point where I can sell it and do so. (What does one even charge for that sort of thing? And should I offer it as a download or a paper pattern or both? Argh.)


  1. ooo! I would love to make a duct tape dress form. How did it go the first time around?

  2. I learned two important things:
    1. Cut up the back, not the side. Especially if you have any curves at all.
    2. Do not do it when it's hot or you will die.

    I'll post pics when I get it done.