Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuck on the Sofa

Figures as soon as I set myself a to-do list, I get struck with illness. It was so nice out this week too, boo.
As I have been laying on the couch trying not to die, I haven't gotten much crafting done. I have, however, been plotting what else to get up to once I'm well enough. (After all the projects in my last post, more job hunting, cleaning up my yard, and finishing what's in my sewing project basket.)

I may play with these a bit, especially Elephant Man. I'm thinking bowler hat and no hair. I do dig the moustache though. I'm in love with Lobster Boy already. Fish Boy rather favors Herman, I like nips on plush.

Ugh, my ankles felt funny the whole time I was planning Annie. I don't know if I can make her. I'm thinking of a little Willard too, but are enough people familiar with him?

Now some tv and back to sleep I think.

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