Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fabric Pouches

I think I made a post about these way back in October of last year and I neglected to ever post pictures! I intended to sell them at Craft Attack, but they didn't move very well. (Although I did get rid of one in trade.) Each one measures about 5" by 7" (9" by 7" when opened). They are lined with a contrasting fabric. Matching the fabrics and finding buttons to go was totally my favorite part.

I am absolutely in love with the birdy fabric on the fourth pouch. The pattern runs along the bias, which I adsolutely adore, and the birdies are so wee and lovely. It got lined with a red and white polka dot.

The first pouch was part of a fat quarter trade, an adorable floral. The fourth pouch is a vintage pillowcase from Goodwill and the fifth is from a set of napkins that were on sale at Walmart. I'm considering making a little curtain for the kitchen window from the fabric on the last pouch.

The black and white one is lined with a teeny dancing skeleton print, I think it's one of my favorites of the batch.

The fourth one is made from a towel from the dollar store. I think it was there because the little jars on it say "sill" rather than "dill", but I loved the colors and the absolutely horrified expression on the little fishes.


  1. I found these while googling for pouch tutorials,I love these!! the fabrics you used are great!

  2. Thanks! They're pretty easy to make if you'd like a proper tutorial.