Friday, April 20, 2012

Buzz Buzz Buzz

I have been an extremely busy bee! As Heroes Con and Dragon Con are drawing closer, I've been spending every spare moment attached to my sewing machine and turning out batches of cuddly friends. Here are two of the largest batches I've made:

Ninja Turtles! Shredder had better watch out with all these little guys after him. They are so fun to make, the little shells and bandannas come out so adorable. Plus, who can say no to teeny plus nunchucks? Nobody, that's who!

I absolutely had to make a big batch of zombies for Dragon Con! It's held in Atlanta, which is also where AMC's "The Walking Dead" is filmed. This zombie hoard is decidedly cuter, and less pungent!

This is only half of the plush zombie hoard! I have twenty-two cuddly brain eaters with removable guts. Each one has a unique set of gross features with skull faces, bloody mouths, wormy friends, eyes dripping goo, and various injuries. These are probably my favorite thing to make, which might be cause for concern...

I'll be putting a limited number of these, as well as a few of the other dolls I've made, on my Etsy shop this weekend.


  1. Each of the represented parties will certainly please the small lovers of these characters. They look very funny and interesting.

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