Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Love My Captain

This was a custom order I was really excited to do! I love Firefly and Serenity, and Kaylee is one of my favorite characters. (It's so hard to choose a favorite on this show, everyone is so fun and rounded out!)

I think what I like most about Kaylee is that she can be girly but doesn't mind getting dirty either. She loves her job as a mechanic and the adventure of being out in space with the crew, and her skills can get her a lot of respect. (One of my favorite scenes is her surrounded by admirers while discussing the pros and cons of various ship components, especially since she had been snubbed by the fancy girls for her store-bought dress.) Kaylee is sweet and positive and seems to be able to find the good in people even when they have trouble seeing it themselves. She's a good balance between the feminine and refined Inara and strong and always self-assured Zoe; naive and unsure at times but not treated like a child.

The doll was based on Kaylee's outfit in the pilot. She has a floral top under her removable jacket. She also has a little stuffed strawberry, no doubt snuck from Shepard Book's payment. Her coveralls have a teeny teddy bear applique. Her hair is done in two little buns.

Since I had so much fun with this doll, I wanted to something else as a little homage to Kaylee.

I started with Kaylee's everyday mechanic outfit, trying to keep the theme with the utilitarian jeans and roughed up boots. Since Kaylee has her girly side too, I added the frilly top as a nod to her over the top gown in Shindig. (That dress is hilarious but a little much for everyday wear). I added a jacket similar to the one Kaylee wears on Persephone in the pilot episode to incorporate some of the Chinese influence through the show. I also like the contrast of the floaty floral jacket with the slim pants and boots. Being the mechanic, of course I had to add a little wrench ring.

I have a few more cute plush ladies I want to feature, so check back for more cuddly dolls and outfits!

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