Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm on Fire!

Dudes, I am super excited! I just got confirmation this week that I will be selling at the 2012 Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Last year's Heroes Con in Charlotte was my first time selling at a convention. I did really well and I'm really looking forward to selling at Heroes again as well as exploring other conventions. Dragon*Con seemed like a great option because of the size and proximity. (I still work a day job so I have to aim for conventions somewhat nearby).

Now I'm reaching the mild freak out point when I realize I have to make about a billion dolls, along with small plush and probably some accessories and prints. One of my goals for the year is to have more original characters available, and there is one very apropos little idea I'm really looking forward to working on.

Baby dragons! Each one will start with the same base body but get a unique combination of colors and add-ons like horns, wings, spots, ears, and fancy mustaches. I'm thinking giant sequins for spots of scales too. The only thing better than cute and cuddly is sparkly, cute, and cuddly!

I have more original characters planned and I'm so excited to get started!


  1. OMG... this would be worth going to Atlanta alone to get! If you ever do a cat with wings, I am so bankrupt...

  2. Thanks! I'll have dolls in my Etsy shop as a finish things up.