Monday, December 6, 2010

Life is One Bix Mixer

Due to a combination of (disgusting, horrible) wintery weather and working on new combinations for my 30, I am taking a jaunt into Patternville. I need color and layers!

Day 20
I've mixed this floral skirt with this scarf before, I really love the combo. I wasn't really thinking about two busy florals going together, but they are so similar they looks really nice together. I can also tone down the rest of the outfit with some of the darker colors in the background.

Day 21
Stripes, ombre, and lace-look tights (all the trend with none of the frozen legs). I love this ombre skirt with stripes!

Day 22
More floral, this time with plaid and skulls, because nothing goes together like a lovely spring day and death. I felt like the blue in all of these was enough to pull them together. There are small blue flowers on the tights, a blue background on the skully scarf, and grey blue in the skirt, and a solid blue skirt. Or more likely I just felt like wearing all this at once and I'm now just making up a reason that I match. I guess we'll never know.

(Also, yes, I am pretty much that white. By January I might glow in the dark.)

Also, I was kind of a naughty little cheater. New glasses are medical, they don't count!
(I really did need them, I haven't had new ones for about five years and my poor little eyes were suffering for it. Please don't judge me!)