Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Polo Anyone?

No, not the good kind with ponies. This week marks the beginning of a mandatory polo shirt regimen at work. While I don't want to complain, (to have a job at all is awesome and come November I'll have health insurance for the first time in five years), I can't help but be a bit bummed about this. The company is footing the bill for seven of the polos pictured below.

So why is this bugging me? I'm a creative person in a job that's more spreadsheets than right brain activity. Some people unwind with alcohol or video games, I use embroidery or sewing. (Stabbing things repeatedly with a needle is the perfect way to unwind after a bad day, right?) I like to wear things I've made, I'm proud to be complimented on something I put my time and effort into. It's important to me to show people that you can still sew your own clothes and make your own jewelry; these skills are not lost and they are worthy of the work it takes to become good at them. I want to be able to complement things I've made with the clothing I think showcases it best.

Another thing to consider is my participation in the Wardrobe Remix pool on Flickr, taking pictures (almost) daily since the beginning of the year. Fashion and exploring my sense of style have become fulfilling creative outlets for me, and ones I can easily tie to my other creative energies. Finding interesting mixes of pattern and color is just as much fun with clothing as with fabric for a bag. My personal style also tends towards a little more dressed than a polo shirt, something that sometimes gets me odd looks at my super casual workplace. But for me, a polo shirt feels under dressed. It makes me happier and more energetic, and I don't want to fall into a rut of jeans and schlumpy polo shirts. (Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's how you feel best.)

But I've decided not to concede, I am taking this up as a craft challenge! I'll be posting about how I intend to keep my wardrobe fun and crafty for not a lot of cash. I'd love to other people's thoughs and ideas as well.

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