Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cute as a Button

Once again I have taken forever between updates and once again, here's a mass of posts at once. Oh well.

There is a serious lack of fabric stores in and around Charlotte. I don't get to Hobby Lobby very often, since there isn't one really close. But when I do get there, I always find something adorable.

For example, this fabric! I love the colors, especially the shades of green and the pale blue with the dark pink.

I have been looking FOREVER for a bag of assorted buttons that doesn't suck. I use a lot of single buttons on bags and other projects. So I was super excited to find these. I got the "pastel" bag, but there was also "nuetral" wuth browns and blacks and "bright" with deeper gemstone colors. The creamy colors on these and fabulous, and there's a great range of sizes.

Like this teeny little flower button, how cute. I think this might have to go on a little dolly dress.

And look what I saw when I was out! There are geese all over the place this time of year, they are so cute.

I got one more thing, but that's for the next post...

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