Friday, February 27, 2009

Love is Blue and Yellow

My name is Jennifer and I'm an IKEA-holic.

I love to look at all the rooms they have set up and I love being able to sit on and mess with and poke and prod all the different home furnishings. Everything is so modern and cute. Not to mention the strange feeling of pride I get after putting together my own furniture and the customizability of everything being in parts. (Check out the IKEA hacker blog for lots of neat ideas.)

So how happy am I to have an IKEA right here in my very own town? Very, that's how happy. Especially considering that even after living here over a year and half I still don't have a good way to store my ever-expanding fabric stash. Right now I have the old thread fixtures from my previous job. They have large drawers at the bottom, which is great for my scraps and fat quarters, but the rest of it is kind of a big...pile. (It's even worse since that picture.) But I think I found the answer to my prayers:

The EXPEDIT bookcase. Each cubby is about 15" square, and about the same measurement deep. (15" cubed? That sounds weird.) Plenty of room to store most, if not all, of my fabric and I can organize it by type and color. Yay! There are even fabric boxes that fit perfectly in each opening for my fat quarters and scraps.

I'm also planning to get a 6 foot long table top (I already have legs) and shelves for my toy collection. All for around $200! Hopefully I'll be getting them this weekend, I'll post before and after pictures, as embarrassing as my studio looks right now.

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  1. Stunning. So simple, but so practical and has a great sense of style